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The challenges faced by PPND patients and their loved ones are many. Emotional, mental, physical and financial resources are strained to their limits and beyond. While there is promising research in the works, the only way that PPND patients can be included in the research studies is if they are able to finance their own travel to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL at least six times, usually within one year. The visits may also have to include the travel expense of a caregiver. The cost of these visits is prohibitive, if not impossible, for most patients who are already financially drained by the loss of income and additional expenses created by the illness. 

While participating in the drug studies is difficult, research is the only answer to finding treatments for PPND. This is your opportunity to help. A 501(c)(3) has been established, making your gifts tax deductible. The travel to Mayo Clinic must be financed in full prior to a patient entering a study.

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Your support means so much. Your generous donation to make this vital research possible is the only answer for PPND. For the first time since the disease's discovery in the late 1980's, there is real progress in the search for new treatments.

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The Pioneers are a small group of dedicated friends and family like you who are making a profound impact on the lives of victims of PPND through regular monthly gifts that support research.

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