There have been a many newspaper articles and scientific research papers submitted about PPND disease. We have only included a few here. Several more may be obtained through internet searches. Many thanks to Dr. Wszolek for his selfless dedication and ongoing research, and to Amie Thompson, reporter with the Great Falls Tribune, in Great Falls, MT, for her thoroughly researched and informative articles. By telling the stories of those persons affected, it has allowed us to better understand the tremendous challenges that they face every day.


This is a Container Page that includes "Lethal Legacy" and several more informative articles authored by Amie Thompson and published in Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls, MT. Many thanks to Amie and the Great Falls Tribune!

This is an article on the KCAU-TV website by Diane Johnsen

Research Papers - National Institutes of Health


Jolene Evans was formerly married to a person whose family is affected by PPND, although he is free of the disease himself. She commented on the disease in her blog post of November 27, 2010 and elicited several responses.