Research efforts for PPND disease.


Research Brings New Horizons

Research is being conducted and clinical trials are being held on medications that treat disease associated with tau protein disorders. Disorders believed to be associated with tau protein are Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Parkinson’s disease (PD),  Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Pallido Ponto Nigral Degeneration (PPND).  Because of the significantly larger numbers of patients suffering from AD, PD and PSP, the bulk of research dollars are being concentrated on them. PPND patients may be eligible to participate in clinical trials for drugs to treat the more common tau protein disorders and will stand to benefit from the knowledge gained. 

One drug currently being studied is Davenuetide from Allon Therapeutics, Vancouver, British Columbia. Allon has been granted Orphan Drug Status for Davenuetide by the FDA. Orphan Drug Status is meant to encourage pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs for diseases that have a small market. The status is important as it provides for a streamlined review process, financial assistance to the drug company, potential tax incentives and seven years or more patent protection, if FDA approval is eventually obtained. Because of the small group of persons affected by PPND, orphan drug research is extremely important.

Trials will begin soon for a new drug for PSP, with more to follow for all tau protein disorders. Patients with PPND may be included in these studies, if they are able to finance their own and a caretaker’s travel to Jacksonville, FL at least six times over the course of the study.